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Domestic abuse is a serious matter. The State of Minnesota has several laws designed to protect residents from these terrible circumstances. Speaking out against an abuser is undoubtedly the most difficult part for victims of domestic abuse. Still, unfortunately, that is only the beginning of the process. Trying to handle your case on your own in court is the last thing you need to do under such tragic circumstances.

Thompson Law, LLC is a lighthouse for those who find themselves in the dark of domestic abuse. Whether you are a victim or have been unjustly accused and looking to fight a restraining order, Thompson Law, LLC will stand on its fifteen years of service to bring you justice. Its order of protection lawyers have helped countless clients throughout Minneapolis, MN, see justice with its trusted, individualized, and compassionate service.

What Are Orders For Protection, Or Restraining Orders?

Domestic abuse is violence that is committed within your home and includes:

  • Physical violence;
  • Verbal or visible threats of violence;
  • Sexual violence;
  • Manipulation of any attempts you make to contact authorities and report them.

Orders for Protection, or restraining orders, are court orders that create circumstances meant to stop domestic abuse. They do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Ordering your abuser to leave and stay out of your home;
  • Ordering your abuser not to make contact with you;
  • Order other things, such as temporary custody or child/spousal support.

You can get Orders for Protection on any member of your household, including:

  • Current or former spouses;
  • Current or former sexual partners;
  • Any family member, blood or in-law, or non-familial co-resident.

What Thompson Law, LLC Does As An Order Of Protection Lawyer?

The restraining orders lawyers at Thompson Law, LLC can do a variety of things, depending on your individual case. After a consultation, we determine how to best attack your case. Since we can request the court order several different types of orders, one of our harassment restraining order lawyers files the OFP for you so you get the appropriate results. Over and above ceasing harm or threats, you can request that your abuser:

  • No longer contact you by any means of communication;
  • No longer stay at your home, even if you are not present;
  • No longer visit you outside of your home, such as at work or school;
  • No longer enjoy unsupervised time with your children or be allowed any time with your children;
  • Pay for costs you incurred as a result of their abuse, from medical costs to property damage;
  • Pay for child or spousal support;
  • Get counseling or appropriate treatment.

While this is a long list, it does not completely represent all your rights under the law. However, with a free initial consultation, we will show you all possibilities besides these that may apply to your case and develop a strategy to get your life back from the grip of evil that is haunting you.

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Give Thompson Law, LLC a call today if you are a victim of domestic abuse. We will give you our compassionate, undivided attention as we listen to your story. From there, we will work tirelessly until you are safe and moving in the direction you deserve.

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