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The relationship between landlord and tenant is an interesting one. Even though most might not think of it this way, the two parties enter into an agreement with trust at its core. The landlord trusts the tenant to live in or use the property responsibly and pay their rent. The tenant trusts the landlord to maintain the property as necessary. Unfortunately, more often than not, the two parties have no prior established relationship. Throwing the potential to make quick, easy money via embellishing things or failing to disclose necessary information into the mix makes it a legal recipe for disaster.

Thompson Law, LLC. is a Minneapolis, MN-based landlord and tenant remedies lawyer that mediates these situations for both parties when they arise. Thompson Law, LLC. has fifteen years of experience representing clients in several contexts, from acting as a lawyer for landlord issues to serving as a commercial tenant attorney.

What Should I Know About Minnesota Landlord-Tenant Law?

The State of Minnesota has fairly complex landlord-tenant laws. In them are several compliance requirements that you must abide by, whether or not you know them. Some provisions to these laws only apply to residential rentals, whereas others do both commercial and residential rentals. Minnesota Statutes Section 504B is where all laws pertaining to landlord-tenant agreements, evictions, rent escrow, and tenant remedies can be found.

If you are a tenant renting a residential property, know that Minnesota’s laws are generally designed to protect you, sometimes at a landlord’s expense. For example, landlords are obliged to follow a particular procedure outlined by state law when taking action that is unfavorable to tenants. If they fail to, a typically swift deliberation in their favor will instead become a considerably challenging process with their rights essentially debilitated.

What Do Landlord & Tenant Remedies Lawyers Do Exactly?

Landlord and tenant remedies lawyers help their clients in an array of ways:

  • Help you understand all of your rights protected by Minnesota law and show you how that informs your situation;
  • Develop a strategy with you if escalating your case;
  • Depending on which side of the case you fall, file or evade either an eviction or lawsuit.

More specifically, Thompson Law, LLC. can help you with the following things that may arise between your landlord or tenant, whether in a commercial property or apartment building:

  • Review or draft terms of your lease;
  • Assist with lease violations;
  • Litigate lease breaking;
  • Mediate issues of repairs or maintenance;
  • Damage deposits and disposition of property left behind

Thompson Law, LLC. will walk you through the entire process, whether your lawyer for landlord remedies or rental tenant remedies lawyer. Our affordable and personalized legal service will help ensure you move in the best direction and get the legal outcome you deserve. We answer any and all of your questions along the way, making sure you are comfortable with our service and direction.

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