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“I have known Travis for sixteen years, as we attended law school together. He was a dedicated student then, and is a compassionate and highly-informed attorney now. When I need to counsel in my practice, whether it be on a legal issue or an office management issue, Travis is the first person I call. If you are looking for a responsive, knowledgeable attorney, that will manage your case with precision and care, then look no further than Travis Thompson.”– Kristin Garland, Family Attorney

“I endorse Travis. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”– Michael Waddington, Family Attorney

“I worked for Travis for a few years and always found him to be very knowledgeable, hardworking and caring. I would, without a doubt, recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney or to work with!”– Whitney Krogman, Attorney

“I have known and worked with Travis for more than four years. He handles each of his cases with great diligence and creativity. I have been impressed by how he presses every angle, every possible claim and defense, until he is either certain that it cannot aid his client or until his argument is as sophisticated and honed as possible. Travis specializes in providing results to “smaller” clients; to businesses and families who want their disputes handled with common sense and compassion as much as by technical legal expertise. He has a touch for bringing a sense holistic justice into the case. This gives judges and mediators the impression that siding with Travis’s clients is right thing, rather than simply choosing the cleverest lawyer. In cases about families and their businesses, this is key. Judges frown on trickery in these contexts, so Travis weaves the legal arguments into the whole story of the case. This is a rare skill, and one to be prized by the little guys.”– John Porten, Attorney

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Thompson and can say that he is an highly professional and knowledgeable attorney who genuinely cares about his clients.”– Thomas Wilson, Criminal Attorney

“I worked closely with Travis and was impressed with his professionalism and demeanor. He understands the law and was able to answer client questions quickly and competently.”– Randi Setter, Attorney

Our office is conveniently located in Minneapolis, MN. Find out for yourself why we have earned the trust of so many in our local community.

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