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“I had questions regarding unemployment and what to do during the Covid-19 pandemic since I am a self-employed contractor. He was great at answering my questions and texting back to me. I would highly recommend consulting with him if you have any questions.”– A Satisfied Client

“Travis represented me in my family court case. He is not only an incredible attorney but he is also extremely compassionate and understanding. He was able to help me through a very difficult situation and went above and beyond my expectations. I was very pleased with his representation. Thank you Travis!”– A Satisfied Client

“If you remember the 80s TV show the ‘A-Team’, it had a brilliant strategist, a smooth presenter, a wild but fearless pilot, and a engineering/demolitions expert who could pretty much build anything, MacGyver style. Well if the A-Team could be made into a lawyer, it would be called Travis C. Thompson! I’ve asked for Travis’ help on two separate occasions. In both, he went well beyond demonstrating a clear understanding of the law. He was able to lay out a clear strategy, step-by-step, for how to ensure my best foot was forward. No matter how tough the situation, he calmly got took in the facts, and helped me identify my best course of action. In presentation, this guy is so well-put together and professional, you’d think he was an actor with a well-practiced and well-written script. His integrity and commitment is admirable. Plus, he can see the lighter side of most things and enjoy a good joke too! I’ve been glad to have him on my side, and I pity the fool who tries to pull a fast one on him. If you have a problem, if you don’t think anyone can help, and if he’ll work with you, maybe you too can hire Travis Thompson.”– Moe

Our office is conveniently located in Minneapolis, MN. Find out for yourself why we have earned the trust of so many in our local community.

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