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Attorney Travis Thompson, practicing law since 2007, is a well-informed legal strategist. Thompson Law offers compassionate legal services at affordable pricing, making legal counsel accessible to the people of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If you need an attorney who will listen to your concerns and act in your best interests to resolve your legal issues, contact Thompson Law.  Call today to schedule your no-cost consultation. (612) 305-8529

Trusted Family Lawyer

Thompson Law provides accessible services for every family law need.

Divorce Lawyer – It is an emotional time when a couple decides to end a marriage. Whether an amicable conclusion or a contested divorce, having a compassionate attorney eases the stress of this difficult time.

Child Custody Lawyer – In Minnesota, legal and physical custody is determined by what the court perceives to be in a child’s best interest. A skilled attorney will convey pertinent details so the court can make the best decision for your child.

Child Support Lawyer – Minnesota uses a child support calculator in determining support by assessing incomes, custody agreements, and costs associated with maintaining the well-being of a child. A knowledgeable attorney will ease the process of obtaining the necessary information to reach an equitable support agreement.

Order of Protection Lawyer – Orders of Protection (OFP) are issued in matters of domestic violence. An experienced family law lawyer helps you file an OFP to protect your safety. A knowledgeable attorney will also help defend your rights after accusations of domestic violence.

Harassment Restraining Order Lawyer – Harassment is not always a matter of family law. Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO) are issued as a result of harassing actions affecting the security, wellbeing, or privacy of another. A skilled attorney helps you file an HRO to prevent harassment. They will also help you defend against harassment claims.

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No-Cost Consultation


No-Cost Consultation
Thompson Law provides a 30-minute no-cost consultation for new clients. This service is available without obligation to retain legal representation.

During this conference, Attorney Travis Thompson will ask you questions to get at the root of your legal issues. Your honest and detailed responses will aid in building a strong legal strategy. You will leave the consultation with an overview of the legal options specific to your case.

Call (612) 305-8529 today to schedule your custom consultation with Attorney Thompson.

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Criminal Lawyer

A winning outcome in a criminal case does not always end with a not guilty verdict, but often with lesser charges or penalties. Attorney Travis Thompson will fight to protect your rights and secure the most favorable outcome for your particular charge.

DUI Lawyer – DUI is a criminal charge that stays on your record and interrupts your life. Getting a skilled DUI attorney involved early increases your chances of a favorable outcome.

Traffic Violation Lawyer – Traffic violations increase insurance premiums, while suspensions and revocations disrupt your daily life. An experienced lawyer will help you fight wrongful accusations or negotiate for a lesser charge.

Thompson Law will defend you in any criminal case, from DUI charges to Assault or Drug Trafficking. Schedule a no-cost consultation to evaluate your case and discuss potential defense strategies.

Affordable Legal Services

Matters requiring legal attention rarely come at a convenient time. Thompson Law is dedicated to offering affordable services to provide legal counsel to those in need.

Housing Lawyer – Attorney Travis Thompson is passionate about housing law, fighting to protect the rights of tenants, as well as homeowners. Whether you are a tenant facing eviction or a homeowner with a dispute, Thompson Law is ready to take on your case.

Appellate Lawyer – If you’ve received an unfair court decision in a civil or criminal case, it is in your legal right to appeal your decision with a higher court. During a consultation, Attorney Thompson will evaluate if your case has grounds for appeal.

Unemployment Insurance Lawyer – If you’ve recently separated from your employer and been denied unemployment, it may be time to retain the services of a skilled unemployment insurance lawyer. During a no-cost consultation, Attorney Thompson will listen to your story to provide you with legal options specific to your case.

Election and Campaign Lawyer

Attorney Thompson is an experienced election and campaign lawyer, supporting candidates at the local, state, and federal levels. Election law governing campaign finances and ethics can be complex.

Campaign financing law dictates who can contribute and how much. These laws also specify how these funds can be utilized. Being found in violation of these laws can be costly, even debilitating for your campaign. Thompson Law provides advice on how to manage campaign contributions, as well as establish political action committees (PACs).

Attorney Thompson also has experience providing campaign risk assessment. Using his in-depth knowledge of election law, he will evaluate your campaign risk to implement a comprehensive risk avoidance strategy.

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You will proceed by default, if the court is properly petitioned. Contact experienced counsel to learn more than can be answered here.
This type of issue is really nuanced, and, even with that more information is needed. I recommend calling experienced family law counsel to discuss.

Please understand that your question asks attorneys to give you the ability to engage in the practice of law, which creates ethical and liability issues for any attorney offering direction....except for pro bono advocacy groups or "pro se" services (see: self-help services) offered through your local court system (if available).

Generally speaking, I'd recommend contacting Legal Aid in your community, and if they're not able ask for other pro bono referrals.

Agree with Mr. Beaulier: the agent/owner of the motel is free to keep you off the property, whether you like it or not. I would go further to point out that, you should have no contact with your significant other (since there's a DANCO) until the underlying criminal matter is completely resolved by plea agreement and confirmation received the DANCO has been cancelled.
While not an instance of "domestic violence" under Minnesota law, the conduct described would permit a good faith application for a harassment restraining order (HRO). You would have to complete the paperwork, provide a supporting affidavit of the offensive conduct, and file proposed orders with the court; an attorney would be the best place to start.

First, I'm terribly sorry to hear about this circumstances.

The short answer is: this is both a criminal matter (assault; disorderly) and a civil matter (harassment restraining order).

Unless you're related to the landlord, have been previously or are now in a romantic relationship with the landlord, or live with the landlord, this matter (as serious as it is) does not meet the qualifications for an Order For Protection in Minnesota.

However, a harassment restraining order (an "HRO") is a protection for which you do qualify.

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