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EvictionsFacing removal from your living situation is both unsettling and stressful. Whatever the landlord’s reasoning may be for the eviction, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly, it is important that you exercise your rights as a tenant.

Evictions stay on your record for years, making it extremely difficult to find a landlord that will accept your housing application. Make sure that you take the necessary legal steps to defend yourself against eviction by speaking to an attorney about your situation.

An eviction attorney will play a major role in protecting your rights, informing you of a feasible plan of action, and enabling you to make informed decisions about your set of circumstances. When it comes to tenant rights, legal representation will be crucial to the mitigation and resolution of your eviction case.

Approaches To Eviction Defense

Depending on how your landlord proceeds with the eviction process, your legal defense will work to find an effective plan of action that reflects your rights as a tenant. Common types of eviction defenses include:

  • Service: Landlords are required to serve papers to their tenants in a very specific way. If the landlord fails to follow the correct service procedures, the tenant may have grounds to have the case dismissed. In addition to this, the landlord must file an affidavit that details how they served the tenant, and likewise, if this does not meet Minnesota law requirements, the case may be dismissed.
  • Nonpayment Of Rent: Defense against nonpayment of rent can be defended in several ways. First, if the late fees charged by the landlord are incorrect, the case may be dismissed. Second, if there are repairs that must be made to the premises, the tenant may ask the court to lower rent (the landlord must know about these problems in order to make this a viable defense strategy). Third, if the past due rent is paid by the tenant before the court hearing, the case may be dismissed.
  • Move-Out Notice: The landlord must provide a written notice to the tenant in order to end the lease. According to Minnesota law, this must be given to the tenant in writing and in advance. If the landlord fails to adhere to the proper period of time or provides a move-out notice that is retaliatory, the tenant may have defense against the eviction.

Whatever the nature of the eviction may be, eviction lawyers for tenants play an integral role in ensuring that all laws are observed and that nobody is being treated unjustly. With a wrongful eviction attorney to oversee the process, the landlord can be held accountable for any unfair actions and the tenant will have a chance to defend themselves as they are entitled by Minnesota law.

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Evictions are serious legal matters that deserve the oversight of a legal professional. By working with Thompson Law, you will get the legal defense you deserve to move toward resolution and clarity.

Protect your future by working with an eviction removal lawyer that puts your best interests and welfare at the top of their priority list. At Thompson Law, we do all this and more to make sure our clients feel safe and secure in their legal proceedings no matter what.

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