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  • How a lawyer can help your DUI case even if you plan to plead guilty

In some cases, a DWI charge in Minnesota will be cut-and-dry. However, generally speaking, DWI in Minnesota is a sort of legal creature that benefits from experienced counsel being onboard because to a person looking at a prospect of maybe 30 days in jail, that sounds like a life-changing event, and it is. But if that ends up being time served while in custody, and other factors can be mitigated, then that’s where an attorney comes in and can do that. They’re much more skilled at knowing where the contours are and even the preferences and habits of the opposition or judge. So there is a great deal of institutional advantage having an experienced attorney on board rather than doing it yourself.

People are free to do it themselves, and my experience is that these are entirely price-sensitive people, so they’re probably not going to hire any counsel. Still, they should also be applying for a public defender at that point to see if they qualify because it’s a very different scenario interacting with an agent of the state, either the prosecutor or otherwise, when it’s just you rather than having a buffer of an attorney in-between you and the state’s interest.

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